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Premier League

Premier League

premier league, leeds

The Premier League is the highest level of the professional football league system in England. In the current format, 20 teams participate and each team plays each opponent 2 times during the 38 weeks of the season. In conclusion, the 4 teams ranked above qualify for the next edition of the UEFA Champions League, while the fifth place participates in the UEFA Europa League. Also, the bottom 3 teams are relegated to the EFL Championship, which is the second tier of English football.

As far as football championship titles in England are concerned, 24 different teams have managed to win this title. The most successful team is Manchester United with 20 titles, followed by Liverpool with 19 and Arsenal with 13. Liverpool are also the current champions of the Premier League. The team led by German coach Jurgen Klopp managed to triumph last season for the first time in 30 years, with the last championship title won in the 1989-90 season.

Liverpool's title came on the back of absolute dominance by The Reds, but no team can claim to have significantly dominated English football over the past decade. In the last 10 seasons  5 different teams have managed to be declared champions. Manchester City 4 times, Manchester United and Chelsea 2 times each while Leicester and Liverpool 1 time each. This is a detail that clearly shows the great competition of the Premier League. This is also the reason  why this competition is often mentioned as the strongest championship in Europe.

In terms of records in the Premier League, that of scored goals is held by Alan Shearer with 260 goals followed by Wayne Rooney with 208. While the players with the most appearances are Gareth Barry with 653, Ryan Giggs with 632 and Frank Lampard with 609 presentation