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Ireland's Revenue Commissioners (IRC)

Ireland's Revenue Commissioners (IRC)

What is IRC and their role?

Ireland's Revenue Commissioners (IRC) are a governmental authority responsible for taxing various entities and issues of a similar nature, generally financial. The authority has a controlling and supervisory function over entities and individuals, ensuring that they operate in accordance with the law when it comes to the financial obligations they have to pay. So the IRC is not a law enforcement body, but rather a body that determines what is right and what is considered a violation.

What does the commission offer?

But the IRC also offers support and assistance to any citizen in Ireland who will learn more about how they are taxed and the obligations they have. Going to the official website of the commission, https://www.revenue.ie/en/Home.aspx, you can browse between sections and get any information you need. This includes information on starting a business, employer obligations to you, local taxes, property, health insurance and more.

Revenue Commissioners in Ireland also deal with social issues such as unemployment, social plans, divorce, etc. If you want to know more about the benefits of social plans, child registration procedures, retirement etc. IRC comes to your aid right away.

What is the structure of IRC?

The commission is composed of the chairman, who holds the main roles and duties, and two other commissioners. This is the main structure of the authority, while part of the body are more than 6600 other employees, distributed in 70 main offices throughout the country.

The IRC is one of the most important institutions in Ireland. The commission has made it very easy for citizens to familiarize themselves with the laws of the country, ensuring that every person has the knowledge and assistance needed to avoid penalties.