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Estonia egaming

Estonia egaming

Organization of remote gambling in Estonia

Estonia egaming

What is the role of authority?

The online gambling organization in Estonia is an authority closely associated with the Tax Board. The Authority is responsible for licensing and monitoring all entities operating online gambling and betting in Estonia. The organization is quite prestigious and has a very good status in the international arena, for high responsibility and professionalism.

Among the main tasks of the authority is the distribution of licenses to entities that want to operate an online site with games of chance or sports betting. The process of obtaining a license is relatively simple and the costs are cheaper compared to the licenses offered by other countries in Europe. To apply for one, each individual must submit some data and documents to the offices of the Tax Board in Estonia. Among them are:

  • Name of the individual applying.
  • The type of gambling it will offer.
  • The IP address of the server where the site is located as well as the address of the server that provides the software for the games.
  • The digital signature of the individual applying, etc.

Despite the ease of application, the online gambling organization in Estonia has strict rules regarding the minimum age for gambling or applying for a license. The minimum age to play and apply for a remote or online gaming site is 21 years old. While the national lottery can be played by persons who have reached the age of 16 years.

Support for players

In addition to services for operators, the authority offers its support to all players. On the official website of the organization, https://www.emta.ee/eng/contacts-and-about-us, you can also find 4 phone numbers. These contact forms are ready at any time for any problem you encounter or and if you want to make a denunciation for an illegal operator.