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Sports betting in India

Sports betting in India

Sports betting in India has taken off, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, and this includes both online and traditional betting. But what are the legal restrictions when it comes to these activities in the Indian state?

Are online sports betting legal?

Yes, online sports betting is legal in India. This is because there is still no form of legislation or constitutional act to prohibit sports betting or gambling for residents living in this territory. This means that in addition to local companies, in India you can try your luck on any platform that operates "offshore". However, as far as domestic companies are concerned, the legal restrictions are stricter, and most Indian sites are banned from offering and promoting online sports betting.

But make sure you stay away from physical gambling bets. Gambling in these premises is considered illegal in most Indian states, and is considered a criminal offense. In such a case, a person could be arrested, fined, and even jailed for up to three months, in more serious cases!

Minimum age

Since India is made up of several sub-states, the minimum age to place sports bets can vary from one territory to another. But in most cases, every player must have turned at least 21 years old before trying their luck playing online sports betting, or gambling in a casino.

Here are 16 online platforms where you can play bets legally from any territory of India:

The most popular sports where you can try your luck in India

Sports betting and gambling in India have a fairly wide market. Since online sports betting is legal, gambling enthusiasts get together on sports betting websites and apps, to follow events live, and place bets on them. Here are the most popular sports in India where you can try your luck:


Cricket is one of the most massive sports betting markets in India. With test matches, overnight matches, the Indian Premier League and other cricket tournaments taking place throughout the year, this sport is the real passion of almost all Indians. Recall that the Indian national cricket team is among the most elite in the world, and currently holds second place in the overall ranking of the ICC, after the English representative.


Football had no way of missing out among the most popular sports in India. with La Liga, Bundesliga, The World Cup and all the other special football tournaments lined up throughout the year, the Indians are among the biggest fans of all the football superstars. Sport is not only the most popular in India but also in the world. This means that all online betting platforms offer opportunities to try your luck at all major football competitions.


Field hockey is a fantastic sport that has consistently attracted a large fan base in India. The number of online sports betting platforms offering field hockey has gradually increased, especially as the sport regained its former popularity among Indians. The popularity of hockey has also increased due to the very good performances of the Indian national hockey team in international competitions.


Kabaddi may not be the most popular sport in India, but over the past two years, the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League has received a great deal of attention in the betting market, including this game in the list of India’s top sporting events. With some well-known ambassadors supporting Kabaddi, there is a fairly wide market of bets to be explored by players. Online betting sites in India have done just that, giving anyone the opportunity to bet on their favorite team in Kabaddi. The sport is already quite popular with Indians, and its famous players have created large groups of fans and fans.

Horse racing

Another betting market that has had steady customers since the British era in India is that of horse racing. You choose a horse you think can win, bet on it, look at the prizes you can win, and wait for the race to end. Being legal in India, horse racing stadiums are physically present all over the country. But it does not end there. Several online sports betting platforms have also enabled the inclusion of virtual horse racing simulations to entertain players who may not be able to visit physical stadiums due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What are the payment methods accepted by the betting sites in India?

Local sports betting platforms accept the rupee, the national currency of India, as the main payment method. But also foreign platforms that operate "offshore", accept Indian rupees, as well as other payment and deposit methods.

Many sports betting sites now accept UPI, which is the most reliable and widespread way of online payments in India! Some of the other common deposit methods are:

  • Paytm
  • phonepe
  • Google Pay
  • Indian Netbanking
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Astropay

Will online betting be officially legalized and regulated in India?

Yes, this is a very real possibility in the future. Many Indian states have already started legalizing and regulating online betting sites in India. This step may be taken by other states in the future.

There may also be central or federal laws that can legalize and regulate online betting sites, all over India. This would bring colossal profits to the government, licensing betting sites and making them pay taxes and other financial obligations, just like any other business.

The new regulation, if approved, will also allow even more betting sites to appear in India through live advertising, giving players even more choices! More competition means better bonuses, which leads to better rewards! It remains to be seen when the new bills will enter into force.