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New match predictions section!

There is a big trend in terms of interest in "match prediction”By visitors and enthusiasts e online sports betting. For this reason we thought to open the newest section with predictions and match results.

match prediction

How do match predictions work?

First of all each of you should know that the match predictions for your next tab are not "Magic formula", which will bring you winners of thousands of euros.

Match predictions are the analysis of specialists or journalists who with their daily work manage to give advice and guidance on how you should decide your next tab.

From the contacts we have had, most of our players have stated that these match predictions in our section have helped them to better understand the results of the matches in general, the betting combinations called differently "combo bet”Etc.

Many of betting sites offer the option "cashoutWhich means you can withdraw from your bet in whole or in part.

Previous match results and the performance of football teams in various leagues, including the performance of the best players makes us provide you with a summary of football match predictions in general.

What championships are included in the match predictions?

Certainly the most watched championships:

CAREFUL! "Predictions are the orientation for your next tab and not the MAGICAL Formula that will make you rich".

Match prediction

Frequently Asked Questions!

How to transfer money to your account?

Transferring money to play online bets is incredibly simple. All you need is a credit or debit card. You can use your card or you can register with electronic transfer companies such as:

How to play online bets?

The following article explains in detail "How to play online betting"
Read more here!

How to unlock blocked betting sites!

There are also 2 other ways:
Use the VPN service, CLICK HERE ) and you can access all betting sites that do not open in Albania.

Contact us for the company you want to register and we will provide you with the relevant link.
For support write to us at: support@baste-sportive.com

How accurate are the match predictions?

In the best case, the accuracy reaches up to 95%. From our contacts with various players there are tabs that come out completely correct. Of course this doesn't always happen but generally our predictions are 70% to 95% sure!

Can I play sports betting with BitCoin?

Yes. Most online betting sites have started accepting bitcoins as a payment method. Not just bitcoin, but etherum and many other crypto currencies.

Which betting sites accept bitcoins transfers?

Betting sites that accept bitcoins are always on the rise. We are listing some of them:
For Europe


For USA (not myselfëm)

My bookie

What is the minimum age to play online bets?

18 or 21. Different states have different rules regarding the optimal age to play physical or online betting. Most of them are 18 years old. We remind you that companies will require identification to prove your age.

What are the odds of matches?

Betting odds are "The ratio between the amount of the bet placed by all parties based on the predicted probability"
For more read: How do betting odds work?

What documents are needed for verification?

1. Valid ID card or Passport. (A clear photo that must be sent to the e-mail that the company instructs you)
2. Credit Card. (Photo of the front and back, cover the first numbers)
3. Telephone bill, or bank account statement. ( To verify the address where you live )

This only happens once, then you do not need further verifications.