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New Jersey Gaming Division

New Jersey Gaming Division

New Jersey Gaming Authority, New Jersey Division of Gaming

What is DGE?

The New Jersey Division of Gaming, or DGE, is a government body formed in 1977, under the jurisdiction of the local government of New Jersey. The main purpose of the authority is to guarantee the integrity of casinos, gambling and online betting sites in the state of New Jersey.

Opportunities for operators

One of the main tasks of the authority is to investigate license applications for all operators who are interested in this industry, within this state. On the official website of DGE, https://www.nj.gov/oag/ge/index.html, you can find detailed information on the type of licenses, but also their costs. Attached to this task, another responsibility of the commission is to control and monitor the subjects, to see if they are respecting the license conditions or not. However, in case of violations, the Gaming Authority is not responsible for taking action. This responsibility rests with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. As it pertains to the approval or not of the license, after the investigation of the DGE.

Support for players

The New Jersey Gaming Authority also focuses on protecting players from the harmful effects of gambling and gambling. For this reason, the DGE offers a "self-exclusion" program. This program gives players the opportunity to fill out a form with their information, to exclude themselves from attending any gambling entity that operates under a license in the state of New Jersey. To learn more about this program you can click on the link: https://www.nj.gov/oag/ge/selfexclusion.html.

Another very important option offered to players by DGE are the latest updates, regarding changes in gambling legislation. By getting acquainted with these changes on the official website, you can play quietly, without worrying whether or not you are breaking the law.