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UKGC (UK Gambling Commission)

UKGC (UK Gambling Commission)

English Gambling Commission - UK Gambling Commission

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What is UKGC?

The English Gambling Commission Known as: UK Gambling Commission is a UK government body responsible for gambling legislation in this country. And this includes casinos, slot games, arcade, various bets, lotteries, as well as any online form of these games. Among the main functions of the commission is not only to draft certain laws for this industry, but also to monitor their implementation. In this way, the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) stops criminal activities in this sector and protects those who are most at risk of gambling.

Licensing and investigations of operators

Another very important task of this body is the distribution of licenses to operators. The licensing process is considered quite strict, and the commission also has the right to revoke the license in case it finds violations by operators. UKGC also has the power to impose fines on companies that commit violations.

In certain cases, the commission may launch investigations to investigate illegal activities involving the gambling industry. The concrete case is that of October this year, when the commission undertook an investigation on three well-known online casinos: BGO, GAN, and NetBet. At the end of the investigation, the UKGC found that the casinos in question had not done enough to stop money laundering. Also, efforts to protect the most vulnerable players were not serious and at the right level.

As far as online gambling is concerned, the English Gambling Commission grants its license only to operators based in the United Kingdom. Companies that want to operate online in the country but have their bases outside of England, Wales or Scotland must apply for another type of license. This process can be a bit more complicated.

Support for players

Another strength of this body is the fact that you can get help if you have problems with a UKGC licensed gambling operator. On the official website of the commission you have a special section for customer complaints. Just log in, select the type of issue you encountered and UKGC will assist you. The commission also organizes various fundraising campaigns for charity. Usually the income goes to people affected by gambling addiction and gambling.

If you just want to report something to the commission, quite anonymously and it is possible. UKGC offers several contact ways where you can assist in reporting various issues. For example: match-fixing, gambling activities under the legal age, illegal and criminal activities, etc.


During its work, the commission has faced difficult situations several times. Such was the case with the well-known gambling company Canbet. The Australian company turned out to have millions of dollars in unpaid player benefits and the UKGC failed to prevent this situation. However the reputation of this organism still remains very high.