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MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)

MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)

Maltese Gaming Authority - Malta Gaming Authority

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The Maltese Gaming Authority or Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the body responsible for most gambling in the small state of Malta. This includes casino games, sports betting, slot games, lotteries and any similar services that operate online.

Its purpose and importance

This institution was established in 2001, in order to regulate the gambling market, to provide transparency to customers. Also at the center of MGA's activity is the prevention of corruption and money laundering in this sector, as well as the protection of persons at risk of falling prey to gambling addiction. This authority holds a significant weight in the state of Malta and for the fact that the gambling industry in this country accounts for 12% of GDP (gross domestic product).
The Maltese Gaming Authority is considered one of the most prestigious authorities when it comes to controlling the activities of betting and gambling companies. He has under his license some of the most famous online casinos in the world. MGA was among the first institutions to take special care to provide legislation on online gambling activities. In this way, it created a safer environment for players, but also a more honest competitive market for operators.

Among the main tasks of MGA are:

  • Licensing and regulation of gambling operators.
  • Promoting gambling responsibly, while protecting those most at risk and those under the legal age.
  • Protecting players' money by ensuring that every transfer is secure and mandatory on time.
  • Independent and professional auditing of games and software used to ensure the integrity of these games.
  • Continuous monitoring of licensed companies to ensure that they continue to operate in accordance with the required conditions.
  • Investigate player complaints and monitor potentially illegal activities that may occur.

Assistance for players

In addition to being an institution that deals more with operators, the MGA is an authority that, in case of need, provides maximum assistance to players as well. If you are playing on an online site licensed by MGA, and you encounter problems, you can contact the authority immediately and they will try to better understand the situation. And then you will be offered the right assistance.

On its official website, the Maltese Gaming Authority also provides a list of key principles on which this body operates and bases its work. The MGA code of ethics is based on: responsibility, mutual respect, honesty, law, communication and professional competence. All of these are the basis of the success of this authority, as well as the reason for the trust that players have when looking at the MGA logo on online sites.

This institution has also long launched its own foundation to help people who have fallen prey to gambling addiction. "The Responsible Gaming Foundation" is the name of the foundation and serves as another assistance opportunity for all players who may need it.