Loss against Dortmund, CONTE accuses!

The Zikaltrit led by Conte were defeated by Dortmund in a match where they led by two goals at the end of the first half and the Italian coach did not refrain from criticizing the club's strategy for such a busy season.

Inter led 2-0 after a perfect first half, but then conceded 3 goals closing the match with a loss that significantly reduced their chances of qualifying. As a result Conte appeared quite frustrated in his post-match statements.

"Big mistakes have been made in the planning of this season, I am tired of saying that," said the Italian coach for Sky Sport Italia at the end of the match.

"I do not care what happens in January or February. We should have planned this season much, much, better. We have shown that we can bring problems to anyone if we are in shape, but there are footballers who have played without a break. I'm tired of saying this. You can draw your own conclusions for that second part. "

"It is not just a matter of team or club, but that we all have to work together, and big mistakes have happened. We can not play in Serie A and the Champions League consistently beyond our limits. I'm quite angry because we can not do more than that, we have reached our limit.

Conte appeared so irritated that he refused to even discuss the loss of his team emphasizing that his players did everything they could given the circumstances.

"I do not even want to comment on the second part. I just hope this kind of match clarifies things for those who need to understand. The boys are walking at 100 km / h and I can only thank you for what they are doing during this period. "They can not give more than that."

"This match has irritated me and I hope that my footballers have had the same feeling. We can do nothing but work and that is what we are doing. "I'm tired of saying the same things every time. I hope a leader comes here and says these things in my country."

The start of this season has not been bad for Inter at all the Italian championship. Zikaltrit are in second place only 1 point less than leading Juventus. Also the game shown by Conte's team has surprised everyone for the speed with which the Italian adapted the team with his philosophy of playing. 

However, the European arena continues to be a weak point of this Inter. After a disappointing draw against Slavia Prague and a perhaps undeserved loss to Barcelona, ​​the Zikaltri won at home to Dortmund, reviving hopes of qualifying, but yesterday's loss and the way it came, has dimmed Inter's brilliance and minimized the chances. their to go further in the Champions League.

Maybe Conte is right, this team lacks alternatives on the bench to cope with a large volume of matches and managers will have to invest in future markets to give their coach the team he wants. Until then Conte can only do the best with the players he has available. 

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