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Sports betting in Kosovo

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Sports Betting in Kosovo, and where do most Kosovars play?

Of course, playing sports betting online is already a trend of the time, where Kosovo has long been part of this trend. Given that Kosovo is a developing country just like Albania, both countries seek to minimize as much as possible the negative impact of casino games and lotteries on online sports betting because per capita income and GDP are generally low.

Some of the most reputable companies have already become famous in Kosovo such as Lumi Bet, Kolina Bet or Euro Lloto. Of course they occupy the largest share of the market for pools and online sports tabs. These bookmakers have a simple platform, with regular, logical odds and have become the center of youth for online sports betting. 

How much does the game of sports betting affect the lives of citizens in Kosovo?

Kosovo (as we mentioned in the article where we talk about gambling in Kosovo), is a small country with a painful history but still a free democratic country with its government, whose decisions have an impact direct in the social life of Kosovar citizens.

Online betting and betting points certainly have their negative impact as not all Kosovar citizens can afford the cost of gambling however this is part of the trend of the time and most players want to be part of the championships with powerful sports and prove betting as an alternative winning opportunity.

Lumi Bet, Lumi Sport, Kolina Bet etc.

Lumi Sport is a relatively new sports betting, and is apparently affiliated with Lumi Bet, another online betting company operating under the Lumi Sport umbrella. Of course, Lumi Sport operates with the same platform offered by world-renowned betting companies, which are in fact the example from which Albanian betting companies and betting companies copy, although few in number. 

Both Lumi Bet in Kosovo and Bast Arena in Albania are usable from physical betting points where their managers place online bets for their customers with the selected odds and then the payment is made in the system. 

With the new amendments to the law on gambling as in Kosovo as well as in Albania these companies will have an impact on the decline of players. For the governments of the respective countries to get the most out of the change in the law, of course they have to monitor their physical activity and online. 

Albanian or foreign sports betting?

Let's talk about foreign betting compared to the Albanians we would need more than a day but we will try very quickly to make the comparison, and to weigh the values ​​of each of them.

The culture of playing online is relatively new for the Albanians of Albania and Kosovo, but not only that, but in any case, compared to the advanced world, we are still behind. The online sports betting market is very competitive and what we would use for comparison is exactly the experience of foreign sports betting, both physical and online.

Comparison of offers between Albanian or foreign companies?

What does Lumi Sport or Bast Arena offer?

From our analysis and observation we found that neither of these two companies offers entry bonuses however this is not a reason not to play. The reason we would think of it as a challenge for future players is the bonus culture, attractive offers and betting odds.

What do foreign companies offer?

888 Sport has over 20 years on the market and in addition to the $ 30 free bonus offer for new players it also offers Cashout option, an option not offered by Albanian companies. William Hill has a history of over 50 years in the sports betting market for players from England with field betting points and now with an online platform.

So attractive offers, for new and old players, as well as the Cashout option are very competitive market innovations and reasons that make us think that the trend of players who play in sports betting will change. 

The experience of foreign companies is the best guarantee of players from Kosovo Albania but above all of Albanians in the diaspora

With the new laws which will not be implemented immediately, strong measures to prevent this activity will make players look for other alternative sources and at the same time will be educated by opening personal accounts in different companies.

For the state of Kosovo and Albania the licensing of foreign or domestic companies to exercise this activity legally will be slow as the "purchasing power" of the individual is weak and the interest of foreign companies to pay 2 million euros for licensing will probably be small, although these companies have no problem paying that much.

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