Glossary of terminology for online betting

A complete overview of the most used terms, a terminological dictionary that serves players registered in foreign companies.

  • Accumulator

The combination of more than one match and where the result depends on all the winning predictions.

  • Added 

An added match at the request of the bookmaker.

  • AET (after Extra Time)

Extra time given by the referee in case the match ends in a draw.

  • Alternate lines

Derivatives of standard betting markets. According to the current circumstances, the coefficient also changes.

  • American Handicap

Odds showing return compared to the base figure of 100 units. Whenever there is a minus (-) place that amount to win $ 100, where there is a plus (+) that wins that amount for every $ 100 you bet.

  • Asian Handicap

Bilateral market that uses a Handicap point / goal to change the perceived bias between two competing teams and also eliminates the possibility of a draw.

  • Banker (see also Lock)

Favored choice around, where multiple bets are often built.

  • Beard

Cases where the real bettor hides his identity and uses a third party to place bets.

  • Bet

Real money at stake to take advantage of the outcome of a match according to predetermined odds and odds set.

  • Betting strategy

A system designed to take advantage of the "home", the betting company by making predictions of results.

  • Bonus

A lot of money given on your deposit or without deposit with the sole purpose of encouraging players to play more.

  • Reload bonus

Bonus given when the player makes a fresh deposit

  • Bonus chasing

A category of players who search online betting companies and open accounts with each with the sole purpose of taking advantage of the bonus.

  • Book / Bookie

Betting company, betting site operating in the sports betting or live betting market, in real time.

  • Circled game

The change of coefficients in real time due to bad weather, where the probability changes from the change of physical conditions, as well as the injury of players or the reduction of the number of players on the field.

  • Closing line

Last available chances offered before closing a market.

  • Closing odds

Last available chances offered before closing a market. Bets that "defeat closing odds" have placed a bet that offers a superior return on the final odds offered; constantly beating the odds of closing is a sign of a successful bettor.

  • DoubleAction

A bet which is conditional on the success of a previous bet.

  • Double Betting

Where a bastard plays twice the amount of a regular bet, usually in response to a perceived "good thing". Also known as "double pop" or "double".

  • Double-header

Two matches played in one day by famous teams.

  • Expected goals

The number of goals predicted in a match or the number of matches with probability of winning.

  • Expected value

The amount of money a player can win or lose in a given match if he places a bet with the same odds many times, calculated through a simple equation, multiplying your probability of winning by the amount you can win per bet and subtracting the probability of losing multiplied by the amount lost per bet.

  • Fixed-Odds

Fixed odds

  • Fractional odds

Partial chances

  • Handicap

Someone who uses math-based rating systems to predict results at sporting events and place bets accordingly.

  • In-play betting or Live Betting

Bet on an ongoing event. Regular betting markets close once the event starts, the probabilities in live betting reflect the real-time performance of the event.

This betting terminology is not complete but it orients you more or less with the terms used in English.

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