Superbast, Eccobet, Albania, Kosovo or somewhere else?

Superbast, Eccobet in Albania, Kosovo or elsewhere?

Superbast, Ecoobet, Bast Arena, Lumibet, Lumi Sport or some others are betting companies operating in Albania and Kosovo. The current situation is very vague precisely because of the recent legal changes, in Albania and Kosovo.

In 2019, Albania has declared a strong war against betting points, many casinos and betting shops will be closed, both on the ground and online.

The Albanian Parliament approved the amendments to the law on gambling in the Republic of Albania. Kosovo is in those waters but there is still a gray atmosphere regarding this issue. 

What is Superbast, River Bet, Bast Arena and a few others?

These companies are licensed by the relevant gambling authorities in Albania and Kosovo, and offer a service almost equal to the companies, foreign bookmakers. This model is undoubtedly necessary with the development of technology and the growing industry of distance electronic games via the Internet. 

Also Arena 888, or Kolina Bet are the first Albanian companies that offer services similar to those of foreign companies

Which company to choose to play, foreign or Albanian?

With the recent changes in the law on gambling in Albania, it falls that no one will have the opportunity to play in these companies, place bets via the Internet, and consequently no one will have the opportunity to play in Superbast, Lumi Sport, Bet Arena or elsewhere.

This situation, which we have analyzed in another article that talks about sports betting in Kosovo, paves the way for the black market. 

Of course, betting shops, bookmakers and physical casinos on the ground must be closed as the impact they have is enormous. 

In the article that talks about gambling in Macedonia we have mentioned the request that the ministry of education has made to the parliament for the final removal of betting points, betting shops and casinos away from residential centers and especially schools. 

So going back to the black market, blocking online betting sites will make players look for other ways to play and this is where foreign companies that offer the same service even more qualified come into play. 

Are Albania and Kosovo able to withstand the trend of online gambling and betting?

From the statistics on gambling in Albania and Kosovo, but also in Macedonia, it is said that millions of euros are spent mostly on betting and physical betting points in Albanian and Kosovo cities. This means that this business is very profitable for those who have it but what is the real impact and benefit of the citizens of the respective countries.

From our contacts, analysts and foreign operators express unanimously that Albania and Kosovo are not ready to fully face the bets both physically and online, but a controlled activity would bring a little more revenue to the state coffers. which will later manage public utilities with money earned from gambling.

So Super Bast, Bast Arena, Lumi Sport or Kolina Bet will soon be placed in the face of a difficult situation because they need to gain a secure position in this lucrative market and much liked by Albanians or Kosovars for a simple reason: Albania and Kosovo are poor countries and in such situations betting, casinos, and national lotteries flourish.

Preventing this phenomenon certainly requires political will, and cleansing from the excessive corruption that has gripped the country. A detailed, careful control of this situation would be needed to minimize the impact on society and the vulnerable individual. 

European countries, some of the economically strongest have allowed it for the sole reason of collecting as much revenue as possible, by licensing domestic and foreign companies.

A European citizen can choose online betting endless, or can go to play in a casino outside the city, away from residential areas and of course the state has its share of income but let us not forget that countries like England have a much higher GDP than Albania, so strengthening economic, comprehensive is a key factor that will lead Albania to European parameters.

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