Sports curiosity to amaze….?!

1-Teams fight for loss…

It seems like an incredible sports curiosity but here it is real. Two Indonesian clubs that participated in the semifinals of the Indonesia Cup in football held a completely unusual match between them. In this match both teams had a single goal and that was the loss.

Psis Semarang and Pss Sleman were the two teams that played this match. The match ended 2-3, where all 5 goals were own goals. These two teams wanted to lose the match so as not to face Pusamania Borneo FC, a team linked to the local mafia, in the Cup final. Seeing this neglect, the referee interrupted the match with the victory of the non-local team, which later this match was canceled by the sports referees and both teams were disqualified from the competition.

2- 3 crazy goals by Alvin Martin…

On the afternoon of April 21, 1986, West Ham defender Alvin Martin scored a very unusual hat-trick. Each goal came against a different goalkeeper. Opponents at Upton Park that day were Newcastle, and the Magpies were forced to play behind an unrecovered Martin Joas. Just four minutes into the game, Martin scored with a ball kick into the air. Halfway through, with Hammers 4-0 in the win, goalkeeper Toon's injury was to the point that he was unable to play in the second half. Peter Beardsley has volunteered but was turned down by manager Willie McFaul for been very small. Instead, the gloves went to midfielder Chris Hedworth. Martin headed towards the goal and scored in the 15th minute from the end. Hedworth returns to midfield and Beardsley enters the gate. He conceded 3 goals in this 8-1 loss and the last goal was scored by Martin on penalties.

3- Real Madrid 6-1 Real Madrid…

The 1980 Copa del Rey final was the 78th final of the Copa del Rey, a Spanish football competition. The fact that this final is a sporting curiosity was that it took place between the two Madrid teams. The final was played at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid on June 4, 1980, and was won by Real Madrid, who defeated their reserve team Real Madrid Castilla.

4-Lightning kills an entire team…

Maybe a rather painful but real sports curiosity. An entire football team has been killed by lightning. All eleven players on the football team died being struck by lightning. According to the Congolese newspaper, the lightning did not harm the other players of the team, but it killed every single player of a football team. In this match in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 30 other people were burned because of this lighting. It is believed that some kind of talismans or magic came together in the form of this bolt of lightning and struck the whole team. Simply put, the locals believe the whole team was cursed, because of which they all died together.

5-The Madagascar champions win 149 0-XNUMX.

Another of the weirdest sports curiosities you will ever read. The champions of the football league AS Adema won a match 149-0, more than four times the previous record and interesting is the fact that they did not own the ball at all between the first and last goal. Their opponents Stade Olympique, took full control of the game, as they deliberately scored 149 times at their gate, in protest of a referee's decision.

6-Oldest soccer ball…

The oldest soccer ball is still in existence. It is thought to have been made around 1550 and was discovered on the roof of Stirling Castle, Scotland, in 1981. The ball is made of leather (deer) and pork bladder. It has a diameter between 14-16cm, weighs 125 g and is currently on display at the Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling.

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7- Hernandez reduces crime and increases pregnancy…

Javier Hernandez is so popular in his native Mexico that when he played for Man Utd the crime rate dropped and there were more pregnant women. Mexico City police said: Crimes like robbery and gunfire are falling. It seems that criminals also want to take their free time to see our hero play. The birth rate also increases. This is the reason why this sports curiosity is one of the most interesting in the world. 

8- Virgil Van Dijk...

Virgil Van Dijk behind his shirt does not bear the surname Van Dijk as his father abandoned him at a young age and never helped him as a child. He took another wife and left the children in oblivion. Virgil Van Dijk today feels more proud of his uncle than of his father, but that did not stop him from becoming the best defender in the world and has the chance to win the Golden Ball.

9- Cristiano Ronaldo's goal every minute…

When Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the seventh minute against Atletico Madrid on February 11, he actually completed what is now an incredibly interesting sporting curiosity. With that goal, the first that Ronaldo had ever scored in the seventh minute of a match, he has officially scored one goal in every minute of a game throughout his career.

10- The richest footballer in the world…

The richest footballer in the world plays in Premier League. Now part of Leicester City, Bolkiah, footballer from Brunei has not yet played any matches in professional football. As for his wealth, he has not gained the wealth he possesses from football. Faiq Bolkiah is a member of the Brunei royal family. He is the son of Jeffrey, prince of Bruunei and grandson of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, who is the king of this country.

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