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Limitations on winning cash in gambling in the UK

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The UK Gambling Commission continues to improve security and fairness in the online casino industry, forcing casino operators to lift unfair restrictions on withdrawing money earned by players or face legal action. .

The announcement comes from the Competition and Market Authority (CMA), which after investigating online casinos, noticed many operators who were unfair to their Terms and Conditions about withdrawing earned money. 

The CMA ordered the casino organizations Jumpman Gaming and Progress Play to lift these restrictive conditions. Earlier in the terms of their terms and conditions it was stated that: players can withdraw funds from their accounts during several installments over an extended period. The CMA stated, "this condition may lead some players to play again when in the meantime they have the right to withdraw the winnings."

Both companies were also forced to remove other conditions that the CMA deemed ‘unfair’, including that of confiscating a player's funds from their account if they had not logged into their accounts for a certain period of time.

Progress Play was also forced to change the conditions that allowed it to seize the money if a player did not correctly prove his identity within a certain period of time. The UK Gambling Commission has formally approved the actions of the CMA and also orders all other gambling companies to adhere to the Authority standards by 31 October 2018.

Paul Hope, Executive Director at the Gambling Commission, stated: '' We are committed to raising standards for consumers in the gambling sector, to ensure that they are getting the right deal. We have already worked with the CMA to tackle unfair online gambling promotions and today’s announcement will improve the way players are treated.

In July we announced new rules, which will speed up and facilitate the work of the Commission to take action in violation of consumer law. This includes taking action in the event that companies violate the principles set out in the CMA. We support the actions taken by the CMA and expect all online gambling businesses to take immediate action to update their practices accordingly, or to face legal action by the Commission.

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