Kosovo the next target for online betting

Where are the betting sites moving, what is their fate?

Many online betting and betting sites have thought in advance where they will relocate their operations center. 

The approval and implementation of the new law on gambling, casinos and field betting points has started to give the first results by blocking many betting sites, online betting and companies that carry out this activity. Foreign and Albanian operators are no longer accepted by the main IPS, although some visitors have access via mobile.

Albanians are already looking for the next bet on foreign or Kosovar sites. 

The first measures 

The first measures were taken against some citizens who have improvised in simple conditions a casino environment with electronic devices and sports betting as well. 

According to a report by Top Channel, the largest media in the country, citizens who had committed this illegal activity are being prosecuted. 

Ground betting points

Most Albanians can no longer place bets on betting points on the ground. Almost all of these points have been closed by trying painfully to accept the new reality, which for some was a means of profit, for some others business, for some hobbies and for some excessive addiction, while for some others, tragedy.

In conditions of economic misery, with a weak state, Albania certainly needs such measures, but should there be a preliminary plan?

As we mentioned earlier in an article on sports betting and online betting, at Albania dhe Kosovo there should definitely be a plan to prevent the black market, which is the main beneficiary of this situation. As the old saying goes: In times of crisis there are greater gains.

It is true that the law rules and tends to improve the economic situation in the country, but the government in some way should have taken the necessary measures not to create this situation when people already find it difficult to give up a habit or hobby, filling time their idleness, also because of the high unemployment that has plagued the country.

Of course the measures taken should include:

  1. Licensing and accreditation of some serious companies which should absorb the largest revenues from this sector.
  2. Accredited online betting, and a quick licensing of serious operators who are willing to pay millions of euros to get a certain license.
  3. Eliminate 3/4 of betting points and casinos outside residential areas.

Gradually the government very well by the force of law can create an even more positive climate.

Online betting in Kosovo

As the situation in Kosovo is still calm in terms of online betting and betting, then companies have started transferring their sites to the Kosovo site version.

Kosovo still does not have an approved law that prohibits lotteries, betting, betting points and online betting, so at the moment it is the target, the new target.

Visitors from Kosovo can open betting sites without any problems and of course relatives or friends can place bets online.

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Technology and sports betting

Since technology is at its highest point of development, of course the possibilities to access different sites are great, even unimaginable. This applies not only to online betting, but also to other online sites that are banned for any other reason.

How to open a "forbidden" betting site

Through the VPN service installed on your computer, you can safely access the Internet and browse various sites. Of course by protecting personal data and without compromising your privacy.

What is a VPN?

VPN is called differently Virtual Private Network

Find out more about VPN service!

VPN is the navigation and access of various online sites even though a certain state has blocked them. Through VPN you can use servers from foreign countries and you can easily open companies and online betting which operate in Albania, but not only.

VPN is coming and being widely used by corporations which need to navigate securely through each other.

  • From businesses of all categories.
  • From individuals who want to protect their personal data.
  • Technology also offers other ways, creating redirects of pages to a new web address. 

Therefore, it would be more appropriate for the government to take timely measures for an effective frontal attack of activities which do not know where the revenues from this business lead.

Reference: panorama.com

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