Kosovo and live betting!

The existence of physical and online betting "disappears" temporarily. Kosovo welcomes them.

Kosovo, a new door for betting and casinos. The closure of physical and online betting in Albania has finally become a reality. From this new reality it is thought that a good part of the people who play or played, now do not find it easy to decide live bets at city betting or online. 

Report of the Gambling Supervision Authority

At first we decided to take a look at what the official AMLF website offers to those interested. The official site, after a delay in uploading, does not provide any update of the situation. But, from what we see, the data of the licensed entities continue to be reflected on the page, which means that the entities have temporarily suspended the activity, or the site has not been updated. Most likely, the site has not been updated. 

However, from other sources in the field, we suggest that sports betting points are "closed", at least that is how it is viewed from the outside. From the inside, the points are not closed, as all Albanians have the opportunity to play online.  

Everyone has found a way, as no one complains. Everyone says they are closed, but in fact "the game goes on".

Also, a large list of gambling and betting sites has been posted and sent for proceeding by AMLF.  

Kosovo and live online betting

Kosovo, as we said in previous articles has become the second gateway of Albanian companies, which due to the change of law can no longer operate in Albania. 

Bast Arena has opened its version for Kosovo, and is trying to take advantage of what the overcrowded traffic of betting companies offers. 

Kosovo, as it is still a legally incomplete country in terms of sports betting and betting, "donates" a legal space for all those who want to exercise this activity, already censored in Albania.

Foreign companies also operate in this legal "paradise", however, this remains to be changed very quickly.

Prizren is one of the first cities to host the large influx of investors interested in opening new branches for gambling.

Online gambling in Kosovo is full, even our newest portal welcomes and welcomes visitors from Kosovo to choose the betting company or casino, which meets their requirements regarding bonuses or deposit methods.

"Update ” I news on Bets in Kosovo

Already, Kosovo has chosen to follow the path followed by Albania for online betting, betting and live betting, as well as for gambling. The adoption of the law on gambling 2019, in Kosovo, includes the prohibition of all operators to operate within the territory of Kosovo. 

Betting points, sports betting, as well as casinos of big cities such as: Prishtina, Prizren, etc. are eventually shut down, blocking revenue from this lucrative industry.

As Germany, Kosovo, Albania or Macedonia also have one thing in common; they do not have a clear law, or even if the law exists, they can not really block the possibility of players playing on foreign sites, which do not currently have a license in the country where they operate, but are extremely secure in terms of player payments.

Our site also includes a large number of companies operating in Albania, Kosovo or Macedonia, guaranteeing timely payments, but only in case of regular verification of the player.

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