Albanian online betting companies

What are Albanian online betting companies and their future?

The law on gambling recently approved, it will probably change the reality once and for all, also Albanian online betting companies will face a new reality. Black market, otherwise called "Black market", will start to compete strongly those Albanian sites that operate and operate within the Albanian territory for Albanian citizens.

Sports betting on Albania dhe Kosovo, especially in Albania, are one of the most profitable businesses and certainly the very high income sector in the country.

Let's take a closer look at these sports betting and try to compare what they offer for the Albanian or Kosovar market?

Betting Arena

Sports Betting Bast Arena is a relatively new company, which offers online sports betting, live betting and also additional entertainment products, such as: casino, live casino and virtual sports. 

Bast Arena License

Betting Arena is licensed under Gambling Supervision Authority in Albania and operates within all legal norms. Casino gaming platforms and providers are certainly purchased from well-known distance gaming software firms and companies. Microgaming and Novomatic are some of the biggest names in offering a unique online experience.

Main menu

In its menu Bast Arena offers live bets on the most popular sports, the results are updated for players registered on the platform. Also, in the menu you will have the opportunity to place bets on the championships of the most famous video games such as Counter Strike, etc. 

Through a software that Bast Arena operates, registered players have the opportunity to follow the live results of: Bundesliga, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, etc.

Bonuses i registry

Registration of players for the first time, brings 100% bonus for the first deposit up to $ 50 or 5 thousand new lek, plus 100 new lek for opening an account. Of course the welcome bonus is part of the Bonus Terms. 

It is not known if Bast Arena offers Cash out option, an opportunity for players to withdraw from the bet placed before the match is over.

Superb bet

Superbast is known for betting points across the country, but it also offers a different online experience by inviting players to sign up.

License and Superbast

Superbast is another company licensed by the Gambling Supervision Authority in Albania, but its fate is unknown after January 1 with the changes in the law on gambling.

Main menu

Superbast has a richer graphics compared to Bast Arena and a simply navigable platform. 

As for what Superbast offers, it certainly does not lack all the most famous sports and championships in the world. You can also follow the results of live matches, have the opportunity to place live bets through the platform and also Superbast offers slot machine games, part of casino entertainment. 

It is already a well-known practice for foreign betting companies to offer a large number of online entertainment products at the same time, and this is done for the sole purpose of keeping the player registered on their site for as long as possible. 

Also, in the special bets category you will have the opportunity to place bets on major art events, video game championships and much more.

Bonuses i registry

Superbast offers a simple symbolic bonus of 100 new lek for new players. There are two effects of this bonus: 

  1. New players can not feel tempted and at the advantage of receiving this small bonus compared to foreign companies or Albanian online betting companies.
  2. By not receiving the bonus, players have the advantage of instant cash withdrawal, while those receiving the entry bonus will not be able to withdraw money until they have met the bonus rules.


Kolina Bet is known as a betting shop in Kosovo, with a geographical spread in almost all major cities, such as: Prishtina, Podujeva, Gjakova, Ferizaj, etc.

License and Kolina Bet

On the official website Kolina Bet, unlike Albanian online betting companies, has not published any information, however we believe that it must be licensed by the Gambling Authority in Kosovo, as long as the betting points operate in major cities.

Main menu

With what appears on the Kolina Bet online platform, no other products are offered other than sports betting and live betting.

Of course through the software you can navigate championships or matches and their results by placing different tabs. Odds at Kolina Bet do not exceed the average usually offered by Albanian betting companies.

Apart from sports betting, Kolina Bet does not offer special bets on events, politicians or bets on video games.

Bonuses i registry

Apart from earning 400 thousand euros for the maximum tickets on their site, there is no offer for new players and apparently Kolina Bet has not yet improved in this regard to reach the standards of  foreign companies.


Eurolloto License

Eurolloto is the next company to hold a license from the Gambling Supervision Authority in Albania. And that certainly makes the company more credible, however just like Kolina Bet, these companies are not known to hold licenses to operate online as well, other than physical betting points.

Main Menu

Unlike other sites, Eurolloto has an interesting graphic with a football field, which animatedly shows the game that is taking place. This makes it easier for the player to place the bet with the help of the image.

Eurolloto offers all kinds of sports on its menu, but does not offer other products like casino or live casino. 

Live betting is a perfect product of Eurolloto, but dog and horse racing are also planned to be added to the site soon.

The bonus of registration

On the home page there is no promotion for new players. It is not known if the company offers Cash Out!

Of course the list goes on, but more or less we tried to create an overview similar to what Albanian online betting companies offer.


Through this analysis we come to the conclusion that these companies are not yet at the highest levels of what the foreign market offers. 

For sports betting it does not only need to be high odds. Online betting is one of the most popular entertainment methods for players from all over the world. The experience of foreign companies that offer live betting of the highest quality to their customers should have a positive impact on improving the service for Albanian companies, always if they will be able to overcome the changes in the law on gambling.

What points need to be improved?

  • License

Of course we can not blame much for this, because it is known that Albanian online betting companies do not have the power to obtain international licenses. They have a smaller target of their players and mostly operate within Kosovo or Albanian territory.

So licensing to expand the number of players is not easy to achieve, especially since foreign companies invest millions of dollars in marketing.

  • Registration bonus

Foreign companies have a strong competition between them and of course to create a large number of players in their archive offer entry bonuses and competitive odds.

  • Platform

In this regard, Albanian online betting companies need to do much more. The navigation of some of them leaves much to be desired and they certainly need to do much more in this regard. 

Where do Albanians living outside Albanian territory play?

Our site, as one of the first of its kind, aims to create an overview of all foreign and Albanian companies operating in the world. 

Our service is in Albanian, precisely to help the Albanian community better understand how the bonus culture works or live bets with the technology of our days. 

We analyze entry bonuses, the countries where companies operate and the types of bets they offer, their licensing, and above all the feedback, the rating these sites receive from users around the world. 

Our site is a good alternative for those Albanians who want to place sports betting online, where depending on the country where they live they can choose different alternatives.

Ne analyze the product, we make the comparison and the player decides where to play.

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