Milan Club, the "Devil" Crisis

The Milan club, a story of success and failure

The Milan club, the story led by Italian boss Silvio Berlusconi is marked by many important successes and trophies: eight championships between 1987 and 2011, five Champions Leagues, one Italian Cup, six Italian Super Cups, two Intercontinental Cups.

From his first days as president with Nils Liedholm on the bench until the last Champions League in 2007 with coach Carlo Ancelotti. In the last years of the Berlusconi era there are very few successes and many disappointments. The last Scudetto dates back to 2011.

Sale to the Chinese

The Milan club is not the team it once was. Meanwhile, the president begins to search for foreign buyers. After more than a year of negotiations, Silvio Berlusconi sells the Milan team. The new owner of the red and black team is Sino-Europe Investment Management Changxing led by Yonghong Li.

In the spring of 2016, after Milan were sold by the Berlusconi family to the Chinese phantom group, S. Berlusconi, Galliani, and other leaders left the club. Along with them, many footballers like Kucka, J. Sosa, etc. left. That summer the Chinese started the revolution.

Led by Fassone / Mirabelli, they invested over 220m euros in purchases alone; 12 new footballers came. From the purchases made (Bonucci, Musacchio, Rodriguez, Kessie, Conti), it was thought that Milan would play 3-5-2. But this experiment along with transfers and the project failed. Montella returned to the 4-3-3, but without success. Montella was fired, and Gattuso came in his place.

With a negative performance under Chinese rule, the Red and Blacks began to dive even more into the financial balance sheets. After it was learned that the Chinese did not have financial stability, the club was sold back to Elliot's Americans after just one year, or rather the club passed to the Elliot Fund because the Chinese failed to repay the € 250 million debt they owed to the fund a year ago. .

The latter brought back to the club two legends like Leonardo and Maldini. Just a few months after their arrival, Gattuso was sacked despite Milan rising to fifth place (1 point away from the Champions Zone), Leonardo left (replaced by Boban), and only Maldini remained.

Boban and Maldini, after failing to hire Simone Inzaghi as coach, assessed that the best solution is the talented coach Giampaolo. To meet his demands for technical players for the 4-3-1-2 formation, Bennacer, Leao, Hernandez and others were brought. Meanwhile A. Silva was loaned with the right to purchase. Along with Silven, one of Milan's most promising players coming from the primavera, Cutrone, was also sold, who was estimated to not fit into Giampaolo's 4-3-1-2 formation.

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After only 6 weeks, with a series of experiments by Giampaolo, it was proved that the Milan Club could not play with the 4-3-1-2 formation, because players like Suso, Piatek, and Paqueta, did not fit. Giampaolo was sacked and will be remembered as the fastest sacking in the history of the club.

He was replaced by another average coach like Pioli who scored his best season with Lazio in the 2014-2015 season where he reached 3rd place. Pioli came with the mission to return the team back to the 4-3-3 formation. And Pioli is expected to play Biglian in front of Bennacer (who came at the request of Giampaolo) and has at the center of his project a talented guy like Paqueta and the bomber who last season surprised everyone with his goals, Piatek.

Stefano Pioli debuted in the direction of the Rossoneri against Lecce and at the same time it was his birthday, but the party was ruined by a goal in the extra minutes of Marco Calderon, who equalized the score to 2-2. "It is unfortunate, there were positive elements, but we wanted to win and we did not succeed because of our mistakes." "I saw some good moves, quality and spirit, but if you leave the game open, you may have an unpleasant surprise at the end," Pioli told Sky Sport Italia at the end of the meeting. 

The next problem for coach Pioli is the Spaniard Suso as the Rossoneri supporters are not happy with his performances and do not want him in the team. While now, "Tuttosport" reports that the coach is seriously considering leaving the footballer on the bench for the match against Roma at the weekend. According to this newspaper, Ante Rebic can be engaged on the right wing as part of the 4-3-3 formation.

"The poor form in the league but also the problems with UEFA seem to have greatly disappointed the owner of Milan, the American fund."Elliott Management Corporation", Who has decided to change course regarding his future at the helm of the red and black society.

The next sale of the club

According to what "Milan Finanza" reports, the "Elliott" fund has decided to sell Milan and seems to have interest from "CVC Capital Partners", a company with a fortune of 52 billion dollars, which apparently has submitted an offer in the direction of of the Elliott Fund.

Also according to "Milano Finanza" the British company of telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and financial services, wants the shares of "Elliott", shares that are 93% of the total red and black club, but the offer did not meet the claims of American owners, who want at least $ 1 billion to sell their shares. At the moment there is still no answer from "CVC", but it is already official: Milan is for sale and the price of the red and black club is known.

If by the summer of 2020 there will be no club sales, the owners want to make big investments. They believe that the only way to get the Italian club back to the top of football is to win trophies. And according to "Mundo Deportivo", the Milan club wants to appoint Guardiola as their new coach for next season, until the contract with Manchester City expires in 2021. The Italian team is also dissatisfied with the work of legends Paolo Maldini and Zvonimir Boban, so wants to take Overmars from Ajax as their new sporting director.

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