Euro 2020: Roy Keane criticizes Paul Pogba

Roy Keane, the Irish football legend, has once again criticized the French midfielder Paul Pogba. This is not the first time that the well-known analyst and coach is critical of the player, but this time, it seems that Keane has noted what everyone sees. Paul Pogba is not the same player when he plays for Manchester United and when he plays for France.

The 28-year-old was in great shape in the super showdown France - Germany, which the "turkeys" managed to win closely. But Pogba has never shown the same consistency as the Red Devils at the club level, and that was the crux of Roy Keane's analysis. The latter told ITV:

"Look, we're constantly talking about Paul Pogba. There is no doubt that he is a talented guy. But I still ask for more from him, especially when he plays for Manchester United. "Maybe in France he is surrounded by the best players and he feels in his natural position."

The Irishman added:

"I think when he is with United (Pogba) maybe he does not take responsibility, or he takes more responsibility than he should. Or, there are not enough players around him to take responsibility. And this does not happen in France. Maybe at United Pogba is isolated, and that puts him under pressure. However, it is clear that there is a difference between the Pogbas we know with United and the one we know with France. "

Former France midfielder Patrick Vieira agreed with Keane, adding:

"Maybe it has to do with the system and Pogba feels better in the French one than the United system.

Patrick Vieira

Anyway he is an important leader and player. That is why he has to take responsibility when he plays with Manchester United. "

Despite the praise for the solo performance, in the post-match interview, Pogba gave importance to the team performance. The midfielder said that without them (the team), they would not play so well. 

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