Safe bets 2020!

Safe Bets 2020, Do they exist Like that On-line?

Nowadays many safe bets operate on the internet. In fact, there is a total misinformation as to which is safe and which is not. Albanians, by their not-so-convincing nature, constantly ask: Are these bets safe?

For those who like to play online bets, set match tabs, even live, we have a list to present to you. They are a group of new companies, with competitive odds and the most convenient option for betting players, the "Cashout" option, where the player has the right to withdraw from his bet before the match is over.

Company odds should not be the reason you play with big numbers, but should be a good signal, that with a small bet you can win significant amounts. 

These safe bets of 2020 are evaluated based on some basic criteria and we will list them to see if they are really safe.

What are the elements that make an online bookmaker safe?

  • Licensing, state and number of licenses companies hold.
  • Verification, important process to block money laundering.
  • Time to pay the winnings to the player's account.
  • Payment limit (especially cash withdrawals).
  • Comments and experiences of other players.

As we have said, licenses are a very important factor when a player undertakes to play in online betting. What is verifiable by everyone is the logo of the Authority that manages online licenses.

Who are these countries and how does their licensing work?

1. Malta Gaming Authority is known as the epicenter of the offices of online betting and gambling companies. There is a "paradise" where a good part of the operators are licensed, based on the basic principles and criteria of how a business operates.

A license obtained in Malta entitles the company to operate and operate in a good part of the country without which it cannot operate. 

2. UK Gambling Commission, is a state agency, with a very special importance. One of the main reasons why it is so important to keep a license from the UK Gambling Commission to enter the list of safe bets 2019, is the fact that no betting company, otherwise called online betting, can operate within the territory of England. So online betting companies that hold a license from the UK Gambling Commisson are considered even safer, as the criteria for holding such a license are extremely strict.

3. Kahnawake Gaming Commission, is another important authority established on Canadian territory but independent. It licenses a large category of companies that offer; live bets, sports betting, gambling, casino, poker, bingo, and all gambling by-products in general.

Also, a good number of online casinos are licensed in Kahnawake.

4. Curacao Egaming, offers licenses to various online operators, since 1996, and of course guarantees complete security. It is up to each player to be careful with his funds, testing the company where he will open an account.

5. Gibraltar Remote Gambling (remote gambling) is another "paradise" where companies register their business and set up their own servers, even this independent part of the UK. It enables businesses to license and operate online. 

There are many other states that issue licenses to operate as a gambling business, but they belong to a certain state.

Let us not forget that all states have independent rules, and holding a license does not always guarantee that companies have the right to operate in a given state. But, the fact that powerful states like: Canada apo Germany allow them by not taking large-scale action to stop them, shows that these countries are economically strong enough to afford those few losses, if they can be considered losses from the "black market".

also Albania dhe Kosova prohibit them by law, but none of these states can systematically combat or prohibit this activity. The German government itself has stated that: It is not worth spending millions of euros to set up investigation teams, which will carry out such an operation. 

Therefore, it is very important to understand why these companies operate EVEN IN STATES WHERE THERE IS A LAW THAT PROHIBITS THEM, BUT ALWAYS UNCLEAR.

The states that issue these licenses know full well that nothing happens, just as it has not happened that a company with overseas servers where it operates is prosecuted, only in cases where they have abused players.

So the prosecution would start with the states that issue these licenses, which to date has not happened and probably will never happen.

What countries that want to take advantage of this business are doing:

Establishment of a state agency such as, AAMS extension apo UK Gambling Commission, which license operators who want to operate within the respective territory, and all this due to revenue collection and non-flow of money abroad by so-called offshore companies.

  • Checking players is a very important process, so we advise you to check to make sure your money arrives on time in your account.
  • Payments, within 3 days maximum, are a good signal that the company is serious in its relationship with customers, in this case the players.
  • The payment limit that goes up to 100 thousand euros shows that the company has a sufficient budget.
  • The experience of other players is a key factor that helps your friends enroll in a new company.

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