Live Betting and Money Management!

To be successful and win in live betting you do not need only Fat.

In addition to luck, you need a cold logic of money management.

So choosing the winning teams is one of the important things but is it possible to always be accurate in live betting?

Also being a player for a long time is it possible for you to control your bank, your expenses, this is the $ 1 million question. Albanian players, from Kosova or from Europe they have one thing in common, they are Albanians and Albanians are generally hot-tempered by carefully following our advice.

Over time you will certainly have winning tickets but also losing tickets. Following live matches, by carefully looking at the results and the history of the results you will create a good foundation and experience for live betting.

With good money management you will be able to resume and survive in difficult days. 

What are the strongest points in money management?

Create a budget 

Creating a single-purpose budget, live betting will help you clearly control what goes in and out of your account, you will be able to control spending and winnings from tickets played. 

Divide the budget by percentage

For players with a big budget it is advisable to spend more money because the profit is bigger while for players with a small budget for live betting small percentages around 3% for each group of matches are recommended. 

Stayed true to the set budget

Since you are watching a live match of the teams that you adore your great desire is to place a large amount of money in the bet but you have to stay true to the amount you have predetermined. Only then will you be able to control your budget.

Betting professionals usually earn 60% of the time they decide sports bets

Seen from a long-term perspective 60% is more than enough to make money from betting. 

So discipline and emotional control will make the difference between you and those players who spend millions just because of not managing the budget. 

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Reference: Money Management

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